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BankTradecapital International Bank (10756018) In the UK. We are operating under the laws of the UK. Our Bank is of interest to corporate investors from all over the world. Bank Trade operates a major operation in investment banking as a financial institution with the original purpose of providing assistance to individuals and corporations in raising capital by acting on behalf of their customers act as securities issuing agents. Our responsibilities may also include supportive services for companies engaging in mergers and acquisitions and providing various ancillary services (from FICC's services as collection tools). entry fixed, currency and commodity to derivative and equity instruments trading and market making).

No modern major financial institution can survive without constant growth. A new area for Bank Trade that represents stock market operations. As a service provider, we provide the following services: ownership transfer and hedging (hedging) operations through the stock market (options, futures, etc). We manage the transfer of existing stocks and bonds from owners who refuse to maintain their investments to new customers who are willing to increase those specific investments.


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